Characteristics of natural fiber membranes

Natural cellulose membrane is the use of natural polymer plant material as raw material, through a series of rigorous and complex production process of 100% biodegradable film. The company owns the natural cellulose film production line of 1000-1800mm gate width 14. Variety of complete specifications, leading quality, is the most competitive advantage of the industry enterprises, The main products are: aerospace materials, medical materials, food sub package, fireworks timber, battery circuit board and automobile manufacturing, textile clothing materials, various kinds of soft bags Timber and other large class. Varieties have a characteristic: printing composite cutting volume, membrane adhesive tape, polyurethane membrane, cell membrane, red small volume, no silicon film etc. the specifications of grams of weight, transparent and Color split and flat plate. Products are exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions. With the continuous improvement of living standards and the further development of the country's environmental protection Vision, product prospects are very broad.

  • Excellent gloss and transparency.
  • Excellent tensile strength and elongation, good distortion stability.
  • High degree of printing, composite adaptability.
  • High resistance and anti penetration ability to chemicals, grease and bacteria.
  • Made from natural cellulose, non-toxic and tasteless, 100% natural degradation.
  • Anti static, high temperature, insulation barrier effect.
  • With other packaging plastic film can not be replaced by the environmental protection function.
  • Excellence Of Gloss And Transparency
  • Excellence Of Tensile Strength, Elogation And Twist Stability
  • High Adaptability In Printing And Lamination
  • High Resistance And Anti-penetration Of Chemical, Grease And Bacteria
  • From Nature Fibers, Non-toxic,100% Degradable
  • Anti-static,Heat Resistance,Insulated,Barrier And Environment Friendly
NO Test Items Unit Requirement
1 Grammage g/m2 30±1 40±1 45±1
2 Thickness μm 20 27 30
3 Thickness Deviation μm ≤0.8 ≤1.0 ≤1.0
4 Tensil Strength MPa Portrait MD ≥120 ≥125 ≥130
MPa Transverse TD ≥50 ≥55 ≥60
5 Tear Resistance N·m2/g ≥1.5 ≥1.5 ≥1.5
6 Elogation % Portrait MD ≥12 ≥14 ≥16
% Transverse TD ≥20 ≥25 ≥30
7 Haze % 1±0.2 1.1±0.2 1.2±0.2
8 C.O.F Us   0.45±0.15 0.50±0.15 0.50±0.15
Ud 0.35±0.15 0.40±0.15 0.40±0.15
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