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    • Zhuhai first PVC sheet distribution center was inaugurated


      Domestic well-known enterprise Shanghai drugs plastic co., LTD., currently owns "ika", "PuLong", "meidi" brand PVC sheet.The first landfall central television brand;Also sign industry's first ...

    • PVC sheet are widely used in South Korea


      Used to see han drama, China and South Korea will find TV people are sleeping on the ground, is covered with PVC sheet, spread South Korea PVC plate area is not only limited to domestic outfit, also is not confined to the shopping malls, office b...

    • Zhuhai change PVC plank way to trade


      Dalian Commodity Exchange fiberboard, plywood trading futures contracts listed on December 6, 2013, trading is very active and popular.Fiberboard, plywood futures listed, will be conducive to broaden the scope of the futures

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